I’m paying $50 to mail a $20 gift to a nephew because the wife didn’t think of sending it directly from Amazon Prime - a service which we already pay for.

Can’t wait to put up the Christmas tree next weekend! πŸŽ„β„οΈ

Our kids are at the age now where they can have friends over.

And then those kids parents call us to warn us that they have lice πŸ˜…

If only I worked as hard at over things as I have putting together this man cave this weekend.

┓┏┓┏┓┃ / MY KIDS
┓┏┓┏┓┃ BUBBLE
┓┏┓┏┓┃ GUPPIES

All moved in. Everyone knows what the first order of business is, right?

New house looks awesome but the only internet service available is DSL UGGGGGGHHHHHH

@jplock Confirmed: my new Apple TV will turn off my TV when not in use for a while

@jplock Since I had the idea for it about 6 years ago, I might as well own one

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