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Finished mowing the yard right before it started to down pouring. ☔️ :success:

Just finished “The Mission, The Men, and Me”. Always interested in military history and strategy books.

Liquid nitrogen frozen ice cream. This is called “Campfire S’mores”

@jplock bah! Just realized this was about the 2020 models, not anything this year. Maybe the @purism will turn out to be amazing instead.

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@jplock that’s chocolate pudding in the middle of basically two croissants with sugar on top from the French bakery in town :drool:

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I think iTunes would be a lot more stable and reliable if it weren't waiting around for "Genius results to be delivered" all the time. The iTunes app-split-up can't come soon enough.

Saw “Artifishal” tonight. Very moving movie. I wish I could do more. 🌊🐠

That feeling when you get to uninstall MobileIron :bicepleft: :dance: :bicepright:

@jplock also water alarms. I had no less than 3 down by the stupid thing.

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