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Stupid water heater ruptured tonight. It was only 5 years old. Also, always use a drip pan underneath one.

ProtonMail v3.16 adds elliptic curve cryptography, undo move, and a new anti-phishing feature. Learn more:

Been watching “Succession” on HBO. Good show 👍👍

Did you know that with the Librem 5 smartphone you can remove the back and have access to :

- the battery
- a removable OpenPGP smart card
- a removable cellular modem
- and a microSD card so you can expand your storage later on

More here:

In honor of another Open Core company moving to the Extinguish phase of Embrace/Extend/Extinguish for their #FOSS code, here are some of my thoughts on Open Core:

"Support products and companies that protect your freedoms, put you in complete control, and work to eliminate harm. The interesting side effect is you will also be building a more tolerant, empowering, diverse, and inclusive society."

Look, if you are with the “press” and want to take a picture of my kids at an event and I say “no thank you”, don’t give me any attitude.

Set up Pi-hole on my home network, forwarding DNS queries to Cloudflare over DNS-over-HTTPS. 113,443 domains being blocked now. :success:

Shutdown my own @matrix server in favor of using @purism's Librem One instance. Still on the fence about shutting down the Mastodon instance in favor of I like the idea of the posts residing on my own server with my friends and being able to talk privately.

Wonder where my watch was today. Walked 2 miles after parking the car. 4 miles in the parade and another 4 miles home. Long day.

CrossFit decided Monday: "to deactivate all Facebook and Instagram pages indefinitely was fueled by growing data and privacy concerns with the social media giant..."

"People want convenient products that respect them by default, that they can trust will not exploit them, that allow them to participate in digital society with peace of mind, knowing they are in complete control."

Subscription services listed in the order I would keep them:

1.) Apple Music
2.) HBO Now
3.) PBS
4.) Netflix
5.) Amazon Prime

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