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Set up my own Gemini server at gemini:// using @sir’s gmnisrv. Easy peasy.

The General Purpose Computer In Your Pocket

"One of the neatest tricks Big Tech ever pulled was convincing people that phones weren’t general-purpose computers and should have different rules than laptops or desktops. These rules conveniently give the vendor more control so that you don’t own a smartphone so much as you rent it."

#privacy #software #freedom

Dropwizard 2.0.14 has been released with minor bug fixes and dependency updates.

Release notes:

Dropwizard Metrics 4.1.14 has been released with some minor improvements, bug fixes, and dependency updates.

Release notes:

Open Letter to Apache OpenOffice: Today marks 20 years since the source code to OpenOffice was released. And today we say, LibreOffice is clearly the future of the suite (see the timeline). Let's all get behind it, for the benefit of all users:

We found an open source license that Google is against so we're changing to it: Hello AGPL!

It helps prevent corporations from taking our code and selling it as a proprietary competitor.

No change to you as a Plausible subscriber or self-hoster.

Every user of Google, Facebook, ... should absolutely watch #TheSocialDilemma

It makes people understand how those services are designed with the ultimate goal to sell your brain time at the highest price.

Show it to Children, show it to Friends!

Almost done reading the “Peter Principle” ( Pretty interesting and relatable.

"Ah, er, yes.” Martín is trying to break some unfortunate news as gently as possible. “The point of these questions is… for you to write the program yourself, rather than using someone else’s code.”

You shift, surprised. “People haven’t seemed to like that so far.”

Your Phone Is Your Castle

"If your home is your physical castle, your phone is your digital castle. More than any other computer, your phone has become the most personal of personal computers and holds the most sensitive digital property a person has..."

#privacy #freedom #security

📣 We would like to get to know our users better with the first Dropwizard User Survey:


The responses to this survey will help us to focus our time and energy on the things that really matter to Dropwizard users.

Please boost for reach.

Making this video took me pretty long but I wanted to correctly underline how great and unique the design of this smartphone is :

Glad to see Riak 3.0 get release 🎉🎊🍾

How Librem 5 Solves NSA's Warning About Cellphone Location Data

"...the best mitigation to protect yourself from tracking is with all of the security features of the Librem 5–a phone designed from scratch to protect your #privacy, #security and #freedom"

LOL, apparently adding tags to a TransitGatewayAttachment causes a replacement. WTF???

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