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Wow, some very interesting new research here:

Researchers published attacks that can recover encryption keys from Trusted Computing Modules (TPMs) (which isn't supposed to be possible) by timing elliptic curve signature generation. "On Intel fTPM, our key recovery succeeds after about1,300 observations and in less than two minutes."

Nearly all Windows computers store BitLocker encryption keys in TPMs.

Found myself re-implementing the same CDN setup over and over again for every serverless project I worked on, so I created as a GitHub template repo for people to start from

We are living in an age where everything from clothing to furniture to technology is cheap and disposable. The assumption is that nothing lasts, so one might as well buy the cheapest thing and throw it away when it inevitably breaks. Nowhere is this more true than the phone market, but it's something we want to change with the Librem 5.

Dropwizard 2.0.0 has been released!
Thanks to the countless contributors who helped bringing this version out of the door!
Release Notes:
Upgrade Notes:

We are delighted to share that early yesterday we shipped the first #Librem5 Birch devices to backers

Stop 👏 Using 👏 Facebook

So many reasons, why you should consider closing your #Facebook account. Here is a nice documented list:

Funny to see a ton of Chevy ads before seeing “Ford vs. Ferrari”

Disney+ is great. Simpsons season 7, episode 7: King Size Homer is one of the best.

ProtonMail Version 4.0 is now in open beta! The new version totally redesigned, laying the foundation for the future of ProtonMail. Log in to your account at to try it now.

We've just released Dropwizard 1.3.16 with an update to Jackson to address CVE-2019-16942, CVE-2019-16943, and CVE-2019-1753.
Thanks to Mark Symons (!

Release notes:

This is among the reasons I never post pictures of my son. I understand and accept risks to my own identity, but I don't own his online identity--I'm merely a steward of it until he's an adult. I hope at that point I can hand it off to him untarnished and unexploited. #privacy

We've release Dropwizard 1.3.15 which addresses CVE-2019-14540 and CVE-2019-16335 with Jackson 2.9.10.

The first Librem 5 smartphones are shipping “This is a big moment, not just for us as a company, but for everyone concerned about issues of privacy, security, and user freedom. The Librem 5 represents years of work, building the software and hardware required to make this phone a reality.” - Todd Weaver, founder and CEO of #Purism #Librem5 #Librem5Aspen #Linux #LinuxPhone #LinuxMobile #GNOME #FOSS

People have asked us in the past, why can I trust ProtonMail? This is a vital question because your email provider safeguards some of your most sensitive data. Here are some of our thoughts on ProtonMail and trust:

That feeling when you spent a few hours setting up an AWS multi-account structure then you read about AWS Control Tower :facepalm:

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