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The Privacy for All Act is an important step toward better online privacy in America. We’ve joined 23 other tech companies to endorse it.

I love polls!

Thank you, #Microsoft, for sharing how many #Google services are looming in the #Chrome/#Chromium browser. I hope all projects that use Chromium take note and also start removing these. (slide was presented at BlinkOn conference)

@jplock I should have followed this up with “☀️’s out, 💪‘s out”

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And after a walk this morning pushing a stroller, I already have sunburn on my arms. 😡

Food delivery services will be the death of me.

"If governments and regulators want to explore new rules for the Internet, Mark Zuckerberg is the last person they should ask for advice."

Published my first app to the Apple Store today. Maybe I missed the documentation, but the whole process seems a lot more complex than it should be and is almost overwhelming in the amount of information you need to provide even for a free app.

Some mythical beast decided to eat through my propane grill hose.

Matrix 1.0 - Are we ready yet? We need your help to spread the word, tell your friends, your enemies, your acquaintances, people you sometimes see on the bus. Let's get going!

Thanks to a new Vermont law requiring companies that buy and sell third-party personal data to register with the Secretary of State, Fast Company has been able to assemble a list of 121 data brokers operating in the U.S.

ProtonVPN's app for #Mac now offers a firewall-based Kill Switch. Our macOS #VPN Kill Switch keeps your data secure, no matter how unstable your connection is.

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