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That feeling when you look at your personal AWS bill in a month and realize the VPC endpoints you stood up to test with have cost you $85. :stare:

Toured the Battleship NORTH CAROLINA yesterday ( We spent over 2 hours wandering around the ship. Really cool. Spotted. Few GE meatballs too.

@jplock the Developer exam was a lot more difficult but still passed :success:

Passed the AWS Solutions Architect Associate Exam this morning. Taking the Developer Associate Exam this evening. 🎉

Spent all week in the dry desert air with no cough (but extremely chapped lips). Return home and sleep in my own bed one night and my sore throat and cough returns. :stare:

This is a really interesting talk.

AWS New York Summit 2018 - Bridgewater's Model-Based Verification of AWS Security Controls (FSI304) - YouTube

Set up cloudflared on all of my Linux VM's to use DNS-over-HTTPS. Seems to work pretty well.

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Reboot of the legacy