@russell Aussie accent: “That’s not a knife. This is a knife”

LOL, apparently adding tags to a TransitGatewayAttachment causes a replacement. WTF???

I appreciate this view might seem radical to some. But I prefer people get my consent before posting pictures of me, and I'm extending the same courtesy to my child, recognizing he can't yet consent. I err on the side of not sharing, since you can't unring that bell.

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You don't own your child's persona. You are entrusted with protecting it. Their images belong to them, sharing them w/o consent (age of consent rules apply here) could harm their future when they take ownership of their permanent online record.

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I'm glad to see mainstream pieces on the #privacy issues behind sharing kid pics. I treat my child's online persona like a financial trust in his name: I am a trustee charged to manage/protect it until he is old enough to take ownership. washingtonpost.com/lifestyle/2

Apple Has No Tolerance For Webcam Covers


"When we designed our Librem 5 phone from scratch, we made sure to add and expand our hardware kill switches to that hardware... you can control your cameras and microphone, WiFi and Bluetooth, and even the cellular modem with kill switches."

#privacy #freedom #security

@kyle great point. A friend of mine founded Kolide to tackle this very problem. I believe Netflix coined the term “user focused security”.


@purism's 14 laptop looks amazing. My 2016 13" MBP is still chugging away.

Watched "Greyhound" on Apple TV+ tonight. I liked it.

Spent the 4th of July with a 🍺 and a can of Spectracide spraying wasp’s around my patio table. 🇺🇸

Finally got MacOS Catalina on my work computer. Just in time for Big Sur.... 🌊

Has there ever been a time in a space movie when someone responds to a distress signal and it’s ended positively? 🚀

Had to find the uncut bleach to make progress in the bathroom. Looks 1000% better than this morning but my eyes and throat are on 🔥. The price we pay for cleanliness. 😷🛁🚿🧽

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