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Matrix 1.0 - Are we ready yet? We need your help to spread the word, tell your friends, your enemies, your acquaintances, people you sometimes see on the bus. Let's get going!

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Thanks to a new Vermont law requiring companies that buy and sell third-party personal data to register with the Secretary of State, Fast Company has been able to assemble a list of 121 data brokers operating in the U.S.

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ProtonVPN's app for #Mac now offers a firewall-based Kill Switch. Our macOS #VPN Kill Switch keeps your data secure, no matter how unstable your connection is.

New record: polished off a box of Tagalongs in about......a day.🤢 :chucknorris: :everythingisawesome:

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Roger McNamee on #BigTech: "It’s bigger than Facebook. This is a problem with the entire internet platform industry... The problem with Google and Facebook is that their goal is to replace humans in many of the core activities of life..."

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check out "Cloud Firewall", a #BigTech blocker by Gokulakrishna Sudharsan that was inspired by Kashmir Hill's series and Dhruv Mehrotra's VPN:

@bxw11 how long are you actually on the ground there?

Consumer Reports summed up my Nissan Sentra experience nicely in their most recent issue:

"...the ride is stiff and the driving experience is ho-hum and joyless." :everythingisawesome:

Published my first iOS app to the Apple App Store for testing today. Process seems overly complicated to me, but finally able to figure it out.

TL;DR - let Xcode manage the certificate signing whenever possible

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Did you know ProtonMail has native apps for both #iOS and #Android? Millions of people use these apps every day and they are the safest way to send and receive secure emails on a mobile device. By leaving us a rating or a review you help ProtonMail reach more users:

Still horrible at HTML/CSS, but I cleaned up to include at least some content and links.

@rsolva @forteller @protonvpn I’d also recommend ProtonVPN. Been a visionary member for a few years now. Top notch!

Finally hit 60 days in a row and, coincidentally, 60 weeks in a row.

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Purism announces a new product, Pureboot, available in 2nd quarter for Laptops + Librem key users providing a unique security service and experience. #ChooseFreedom

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