Hey websteronline.com, two things are wrong in this picture. #1 I'm using Firefox 72, not 68.0, #2 I'm pretty sure 72 > 52

I like the collection of technical leadership and management books I’ve been collecting. I’ve been donating old or outdated books to my local library, borrowing when I can and purchasing the ones not available. 📚📖

Replaced this mess of old HDMI and component cables with 10m of HDMI 2.1 8K ready thin cable.....for my NES classic. 🎮👾

Liquid nitrogen frozen ice cream. This is called “Campfire S’mores”

Wonder where my watch was today. Walked 2 miles after parking the car. 4 miles in the parade and another 4 miles home. Long day.

Some mythical beast decided to eat through my propane grill hose.

Finally hit 60 days in a row and, coincidentally, 60 weeks in a row.

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