@Gargron do instances need certain settings enabled to be discoverable by the initial signup filters? Whenever I search for my private instance the spinning icon appears but it never finds an instance.

@jplock Are you entering the full domain? Is there a separate web domain?

@Gargron I’ve tried “”, “”, just “plock” and nothing returns.

@Gargron @unagi is there a setting that controls whether is instance is returned via the joinmastodon API? I couldn’t find the source code for that anywhere.

@jplock @unagi If you enter the full domain name it doesn't go through the API, just makes a direct request to that domain. Otherwise, it's a string search within API results. To be returned from that API, you need:

@Gargron @unagi is there a specific request I can look for in my logs to help troubleshoot what may be happening when I enter the full server name?

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