Stupid water heater ruptured tonight. It was only 5 years old. Also, always use a drip pan underneath one.

@jplock We literally just talked about this ... crazy. Hope you didn't have too much damage.


@bxw11 thankfully none thanks to the drip pan and the water alarms alerting us real fast. The plumber installing the new one told me about this solenoid valve that hooks into the cold water line and if it detects a leak, automatically closes. Definitely installing that, otherwise we could have had 40gal + unlimited water in our finishes basement.

@jplock something like this I suppose. We may want to consider something like that at the new house too. Put it on a UPS in case the power is also out 🕵️

@bxw11 that’s the exact thing the plumber just installed for me but at a much higher price. 🤬

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