I’m looking forward to the day when I no longer need to rely on LinkedIn, Twitter and GitHub for my career. I’ve found lots of great job opportunities off of LinkedIn but I doom scroll way to often.

I AM in a Beginning!


I have open sourced both my SaaS web apps & gifted to the public domain!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Years!

I love you all!


Dropwizard Metrics 4.1.29 has been released with a few dependency updates (Log4j, Logback).

Release notes: github.com/dropwizard/metrics/

Dropwizard Metrics 4.2.7 has been released with a few dependency updates (Log4j, Logback).

Release notes: github.com/dropwizard/metrics/

Yesterday a potential but hard to exploit vulnerability was discovered in Logback:

If you're using dropwizard-logging in your applications, you're safe because Logback is configured programmatically and doesn't allow using the vulnerable DBAppender and ContextJNDISelector.

Docs: dropwizard.io/en/release-2.0.x

If you or your enterprise face extreme security threats and are willing to trade some convenience for extra security, here are combination of options that would make your Librem 14 order the most secure🗝️puri.sm/posts/my-recommendatio

I sometimes get asked what the most secure options are for a Librem 14 order. Here are my recommendations: #security #anti-interdiction puri.sm/posts/my-recommendatio

OpenAPI-Diff 2.0.0 has been released.

💡 OpenAPI-Diff is a utility for comparing #OpenAPI 3.0.x specifications and report breaking changes.

ℹ️ Release notes: github.com/OpenAPITools/openap
💬 Discussion: github.com/OpenAPITools/openap

#APIs #OSS @OpenApiSpec@twitter.com @oas_generator@twitter.com

It's been a wild ride to $500k ARR:

$0 to $400 MRR in 12 months
$400 to $10k MRR in 9 months
$10k to $41,6k MRR in 10 months

Learn more about our journey to date: plausible.io/blog/bootstrappin

Network effect let Facebook attract billions of users who joined to talk to people who were already there. Switching costs turned those users into hostages - blocking interoperability means users have to choose between friends and fleeing the platform.


Imagine an Internet of Snitches, each scanning whatever data they have access to for evidence of crime ⁉️ Invest in technology that gives you back the control and ownership you should have always had➡️ puri.sm/posts/internet-of-snit

Thank you, @amosbatto for believing in our mission 😎

"Purism is laying the foundation for future phones that are designed to avoid planned obsolescence and the monetization of users’ personal data, plus empower people so that they control the technology rather than letting the technology control them."


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