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Ordered an NES Classic. Was going to save it until Christmas but then I realized Dr. Mario is on it.

I need to find a better route to fly between NYC and SF. I usually prefer direct flights from JFK to SFO, but then it takes multiple hours to reach JFK by car at this point and traveling around SFO is also bad. I’m thinking I should try a more regional airport to fly into SJC instead.

One guy told me to take a red eye from SFO to Detroit and stay at the Westin attached to then airport, then take the first flight out in the morning back east somewhere.

Back in CT. The land of decent 🍕 at least 👍👍

High fived Super Grover today. What did you do?

I want a Apple Watch that doesn’t require an iPhone. I think I could get by with just that (water “proof” would be key)

Apparently it is possible for glasses frames to warp in a hot car 🔥🔥🔥

Juggling cabana rentals and fast passes at amusement parks based around the weather.

It’s hot and humid out, but nothing compares to Singapore hot and humid. :truestory:

This is a quiet street with a 25 MPG speed limit. How in the world do you roll an SUV.

Was thinking of buying a car roof storage rack for our vacation later this summer. Then I realized I could just rent a van for the week for less. :chucknorris: :bicepleft: :challengeaccepted: :bicepright: :kennypowers: :gangnamstyle: :success:

@jplock related to this, when I was in GameStop selling back my PS4, in front of me was a mother, her son and his friends trying to buy an Xbox controller. At one point the kid wanders off and starts playing one of those kiosks. His mother starts screaming at him to focus and pay attention and “we’ve talked about this”. Maybe buying an Xbox controller to play more Fortnite isn’t the best idea. :fantabulous:

Got out the Wii for my daughter to play. I feel like there was a turning point for video games a few years ago where they went from something you did for fun then put down, to constantly trying to upsell or monetize you. Not sure if it was the rise of mobile devices or what. I feel much more comfortable with her playing Wii Sports than anything on the iPad.

Debating selling my PS4 + 2 games. I'd save $60/year in a PSN subscription too. I already cancelled my Red Dead 2 and FF7 rewrite preorders for fear that I won't actually have the time to play them. Only systems I'd have left are my Wii and SNES. End of an era.

Anyone have a recommendation on an alarm system? ADT seems expensive and old/crufty. Frontpoint seems pretty good. Canary is nice, but doesn't do 24/7 monitoring. Vivint seems to have bad BBB reviews.

Free custard from Shake Shack: ✔️

Replaced the toilet seats on our two toilets yesterday after living in this house for 3 years. I’m thinking I should have done this earlier. :doublefacepalm: :donotwant: :doh: :philosoraptor: :haha: