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Justin Plock @jplock@plock.social

This is going to be the summer of amusement parks. On the docket so far: Dutch Wonderland, Hershey Park, ZooAmerica, Sesame Place

Started playing FF3 on my SNES. Such a good game. Unrelated, go Jacksonville and Vikings!

Dad : tie a scavenged balloon around your daughters finger at the dad-daughter dance so it’s easier to find her.

Had a good time this week catching up with people whom I haven't seen in years.

Bought myself another Yeti mug

@jplock we escaped with 20 minutes to spare 😎

Doing another escape room tonight. Arrrrr

First time back in town since my parents moved away.

80th out of 6,385. Not bad.

Cooking pot roast in the Instant Pot tonight. Tasty easy meal.

If you have any interest in British history or the monarchy, I highly recommend “The Crown” on Netflix.

Exercise bike was delivered today. @TheWife and I each did a ride. Not too bad and kind of fun. 👍👍

For anyone who has iOS, I’ve been using the Tootdon app to interact with this site. Works pretty well.

status update: finished the bittersweet mint. Only pumpkin pie remains.

Have to eat all of this ice cream before my exercise bike arrives tomorrow.

Applications that take over the focus (looking at you WebEx), need to die a slow death.

Ugh. LG went and incorporated Google Assistant into their 2018 TV’s. I feel like I should get a cheaper 2017 model instead.