Drinking from the toilet is normally fine unless you see a sign like this.

From Aqua to Dark Mode: Congrats on embracing the Winamp design philosophy from 1999. 🦙

Headphones and crunchy cereal don't mix. Just wait five minutes.

There was a time when Mr. Worldwide was know as Master Regionally Known. Follow your dreams 🌈

That feeling when the guy in the adjacent hotel room is doing a terrible job loudly rapping along with a decent album :sadtroll:

I have ridden my bicycle on the road many times. I obey traffic laws and signal my turns any time I'm near motorists. To all cyclists: When you have access to a bike path that runs directly beside a busy road please use it rather than the road to remove yourself from harm's way. I acknowledge that you have a right to use the road but please, where it makes sense, be safe.

That feeling when you aren't paying attention while you're eating a really good sandwich and you wish you had more. Then you look at your plate and there are three bites left.

This one trick that the DMV hates! (Stop clickbait: Drive without a license)

That feeling when you recently ate and you attend a family picinic where your cousin, who is a chef, made awesome food. So you eat two helpings of pulled pork, a chicken leg, sides, a slice of 9 layer cake, a piece of apple pie.

I have concluded that 1987 was peak car.

science fact: If you hold a wheel of cheese in each hand and hum the soundtrack to "The Sound of Music" with a Ricolla in your mouth you WILL teleport to Switzerland. It's dangerous 🇨🇭

@jplock It's that feeling when your father in law gives you a fanny pack but you don't even know how to react because there is almost no gift you want less.

Hey what's that gurgling from the basement bathroom? That's the laundry water overflowing the tub and toilet. Mystery. We have a plumber coming first thing tomorrow.

This public service announcement probably doesn't apply to many people: Do not "shortcut" your chickpea-based pasta by soaking it and microwaving it for a few minutes. It dissolves into chickpea paste :sadpanda:

If you're the type of parents that have the mentality, "My kid isn't participating in silly clothing trends!" Be prepared for them to feel sad when that trend re-emerges 25 years later. Umbro shorts.

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